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The Visa Application process

The Visa Application process

First of all, doctors are in demand in Canada and are on the Canadian NOC List code 3113. Qualified doctors are eligible for full Permanent Residency in under the Federal Skilled Worker Immigration Program on both a Federal and Provincial Nomination basis.

What is NOC List Code 3113 for Doctors?

The Canadian National Occupation Classification Codes are a selection of occupations representing the occupations currently in demand in Canada from an Immigration perspective. It is designed to create the roadmap for Canadian Immigration policy over the next few years whereby the Canadian Government have declared their intention to import at least 1,000,000 skilled migrants by 2021.

The NOC is very broad, however, there are several codes that seem to be in more ‘demand’ than others, in this case all doctor codes seem to be in demand.

If you are a Doctor in any areas of medical specialisation, you could qualify to Immigrate to Canada.  Many medical specialisations also hold their own separate codes under the NOC list.

What are the Minimum qualifications required to immigrate to Canada as a Doctor?

You will need to be a licensed doctor in your home country, and you’ll need to demonstrate that you’re qualified to the same level as someone qualified and working as a Doctor in Canada.

To assess your equivalency, it is important to first understand the specifics of how Canada assesses internationally qualified Doctors against their internal benchmarks in a Country of distinct provinces.

The first step is to ensure that your Medical Degree is one recognised by Canada.  To do this you will need to conduct a search of the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDMS) for your medical school.  A Canadian Sponsor Note for your medical school must appear for the degree of this school to be accepted and recognised within Canada.

The Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) Part I is one of the exams you need to pass before you are eligible to practise in Canada.  You can test your readiness for the MCCQE Part I by taking the Practice tests.

These tests are designed to help you accustom yourself with the types of questions you could encounter related to the new Blueprint, as well as the online delivery platform of the MCCQE Part I. Practice test content is created by physicians and experts who have experience with the MCC’s content development process.

To take the MCCQE Part I, sign up for a account. You will need to pay a one-time, non-refundable fee of $290. Once you sign up, you will be able to log into your account to request various services, including storing and sharing your documents, applying for exams and more.

Step 1: Take the test

The MCCQE Part I exam is a computer-based exam that can be taken at more than 500 test centres around the world. Apply for the MCCQE Part I through your account.  This process ensures Canadian Authorities you meet the required qualifications.

Step 2: Build you Express entry profile

Once your MCCQE Part I assessment is underway, start building out your Express Entry profile. To successfully immigrate to Canada as a doctor you are going need to create a strong express entry profile. This is the start of your immigration journey and you will have you sit your internationally recognized English or French test (or both if you’re lucky enough to be bilingual in these languages!). It is also advisable to start your job search. There are many options to successfully immigrate to Canada as a Doctor, even without a job offer.

Step 3: Medical Registration

After you receive a positive Medical Council of Canada assessment it’s time to submit the second stage of your process of medical registration by applying directly to the medical board in your chosen province or territory.

Step 4: Profile enhancements

With your registration and licensing secured you should be seeing movement in terms of your Express Entry Federal Skilled Worker Visa or Provincial Nomination or a job offer as a fall-back option should an Invitation to Apply still not have materialized.

Step 5: Invitation to Apply

The last stage of your Immigration to Canada is receiving your Invitation to Apply via the Express Entry program. You could be receiving this Invitation based on your Express Entry case which will either have been strong enough to have been selected directly on a federal basis, via Provincial Nomination or selected based on you securing a formal job offer in Canada. Once this is completed you will be welcomed at a new immigrant to Canada

Can my family join me when I immigrate to Canada as a Doctor?

The rights and privileges afforded to the main visa holder are passed onto partners and children automatically. In fact, your partners skills, education and qualifications may even make your overall application even stronger.

Canadian Permanent Residents can:

Live and work in Canada

Enter and leave without restriction

Study in Canada

Access Canadian healthcare

Our experienced and expert team and certified regulated Canadian immigration consultants can offer you the highest level of service necessary in dealing with your visa application and the challenges you may face along the road to a successful visa application

Here you will find answers to many of the most common questions that our team are often asked – as well as some that you maybe never even thought of:

1. Which is the best visa for me to apply for?

The answer to this most fundamental of all questions depends on 3 main factors – your personal background, your current circumstances, and your future aspirations. There are over 60 different visas and programs that enable immigration to Canada. So to answer it we will need to know more about you.

Once you register for free either online or by phone we will assign you a personal immigration account manager who will begin to collect from you all the necessary details to initiate your immigration process.

The first step of the process is an in-depth evaluation by our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) of your profile to determine the best visa application route for you and your family.

2.  What happens next?

Once the initial assessment has been completed and your best pathway to application is clear, the same personal immigration account manager will continue to guide you through the process of preparing all the various documentation that your request for immigration to Canada requires.

Our RCIC then reviews your full documentation before it is presented to the authorities, in order to ensure that you will have the greatest possibility for success.

3. I have a significant net worth and am ready to invest in a Canadian business.

The question now becomes which Canadian Business Class immigration program is best for me?

Depending on the amount of funds that you have available to invest in Canada, there may be a number of options available. For example the Quebec Immigrant Investor program allows individuals to immigrate to Canada by making a government-secured, passive investment. 

If you are looking for a more active investment, there are a number of Entrepreneur and Provincial Nominee programs available for immigration, which will require you to invest in and operate a business in Canada. You may also wish to explore the Entrepreneur Start-Up Visa Program. 

Since there are so many options available to you, we encourage you to contact us to take advantage of our extensive experience and discuss your options with one of our consultants.

4. What if I am looking to operate a business in Canada.

Your business management and ownership experience may make you eligible for a number of entrepreneur categories within the Provincial Nominee Programs and at the federal level, or for the business immigration programs offered by Quebec.

5. What is the Provincial Nominee Program

Each province encourages the immigration of entrepreneurs and business managers through their Provincial Nominee Programs. These programs require that you make an active investment of either your capital or management abilities in a business located in one of Canada’s provinces. There are a number of programs available depending on which province you are considering for your new Canadian home.

If you are interested in business immigration options in one of the provinces, or are considering applying to Quebec or through the federal government’s Start-Up Visa Program, our consultants can assist you to choose the best option suited to your specific circumstance.

6.  I’ve heard of the Express Entry. What is it exactly?

Express Entry was the new immigration selection system introduced in January 2015 by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The program is a multi-factored ‘pool and points’ system that the IRCC uses to select the most suitable candidates for immigration to Canada. Points are awarded for educational and professional qualifications, work experience, age, language ability and a number of other factors. The higher the points you score, the greater the possibly to be selected from the pool.

If the Express Entry pathway is found to be the best for you, your personal immigration account manager will help ensure you optimize your score to maximize your possibility of being chosen. You can think of it like the Canadian government’s initial screening process.

7. Which programs are covered by Express Entry?

Express Entry is applicable for specific groups of applicants:

Federal Skilled Worker Class includes doctors and engineers etc.

Federal Skilled Trades Class for welders and plumbers etc.

Canadian Experience Class, for people who have lived, worked or studied in Canada

Provincial Nominee Programs are run by some but not all of the Provinces

8. How long does the visa application process take?

The idea of starting a new life is an attractive one. But please be prepared that applying for a Canadian visa takes time – especially if your are not eligible for the Express Entry pathway. If Express Entry is an option for you, the Canadian Government aims to complete the entire application process within 6 months.
Whatever you application route, the experience and expertise of your  personal immigration account manager will help keep it to a minimum.

The first step is the collection and collation of all the required information and documentation. Once all the information is available, forms will need to be filled out and the application submitted.
It can take a Canadian immigration Office responsible for processing your application up to eighteen months for the completion of the process, in some cases even more. Time may vary significantly between different offices across Canada. In addition there are differences between the many types of visas (including those outside of the Express Entry process) as well as other factors that can greatly affect processing time.
Please be aware that all these time frames are simply estimations based on years of experience. They can change without prior notice, and in the end are the sole responsibility of the Canadian authorities.

9. Does the Canadian government charge fees for visa applications?

Like many other countries worldwide the Canadian government charges fees for the processing of visa applications. Depending on the specific visa program applied for and the size and age of your family, fees can range from a few hundred to several thousand Canadian dollars.
Payment is usually made when you submit your application and documents, but this also depends on the specific visa program. Fees can be paid in Canadian dollars by credit card, bank draft, check or money order.
Please note that all government fees are non-refundable.
This is why it is so important that you ensure your submitted application is correctly prepared, the information accurate and of course that it is presented at the right time.
We are here to help you ensure your application has the best chance of success and any failure to comply with requirements can result in your applications being denied. Your personal immigration account manager will help you ensure that your application is submitted correctly, maximizing your chances of success.

10. Do you charge Professional Immigration Services Fees?

Just like government fees, professional immigration services also charge fees. The fees will depend on your family situation, the specific visa you apply for, and the complexity of your individual case.
Payment is usually made when we start to help you prepare the documents for your application. Fees can be paid in Canadian dollars by credit card, bank draft, check or money order.
It is also important to note that all professional immigration service fees are non-refundable. We can ,under the sole discretion of our the RCIC, offer a payment plan tailored to your personal financial situation.



Step 2: Build you Express entry profile

Jessica Thompson

Jessica Thompson is a professional content writer for Great North Visa. Jessica immigrated to Canada in 2012 from the UK with her husband Jack Thompson, and their two children. As someone who experienced first-hand what the Canadian immigration process is like, combined with extensive research, Jessica can share her knowledge about Canada immigration with her readers around the world. We hope that you find Jessica’s blog valuable to your journey to the Great White Noth.

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Jessica Thompson

Jessica Thompson is a professional content writer for Great North Visa. Jessica immigrated to Canada in 2012 from the UK with her husband Jack Thompson, and their two children. As someone who experienced first-hand what the Canadian immigration process is like, combined with extensive research, Jessica can share her knowledge about Canada immigration with her readers around the world. We hope that you find Jessica’s blog valuable to your journey to the Great White Noth.