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      Canada Immigration Solutions

      Canada immigration is a journey that requires the utmost knowledge and support.
      The Great North Visa consultancy services is a solution-driven company providing a wide variety of consultancy services for those interested in Canada immigration. We are here to assist you with understanding the Canadian immigration system; procedures, regulations and legalities. Our goal is to simplify a complicated and exhausting process.

      Migrate to Canada

      Taking the First Steps

      Visa Eligibility Assessment


      Before entering any immigration program, it's important to know what is most suitable to your skills and academic background. By assessing your capabilities and personal circumstances, you can make an informed decision.

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      Document Preparation


      Collecting important documents in a timely manner is essential to your success. A misplaced document or missing detail can hinder your chances. Your immigration consultant can advise you on the needed preparations.

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      Profile Enhancement


      Your immigration profile is how the Canadian authorities see you for the first time. Consult with our team on how to optimize your profile to perfection and achieve the highest possible rank compared to other applicants. Read more about the importance of this process.

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      Immigration Strategy


      Policies, restrictions, and regulations can change in a heartbeat, and immigration programs fill out quickly. Know exactly how, when, and where you should start your immigration process and enter your profile to the pool.

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      Get your real-time status on your immigration process by logging in to your Great North Visa account or speaking with your consultant.

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      Know exactly what your options are for Canada immigration and how to utilize them.


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      Your consultant and our wonderful support team are available to you 24/6 for any inquiry you may have.

      Customer Feedback

      Mia Boschert

      "Lily and the rest of the Great North Visa team were very professional, and kind. It was a long process to get the Skilled Independent Visa but we made it through. My family and I are very happy to have made it to Canada thanks to your team. Keep up the good work"

      Eabha McCarthy

      "I'm a simple lady from a simple town so applying for a visa for Canada was way beyond my capabilities! Not to mention completely time consuming to the point where I had to choose between doing this and having a life, so I'm very happy that I hired the Great North Visa to do all the dirty work. You guys were great! I barely had to lift a finger. I Highly recommend this company to anyone who needs help with their visa application"

      Jasper Atkinson

      "I've lived in the UK my whole life and have worked as a civil engineer for the past 12 years. I felt like I've seen it all and done it all, and I wanted to change things up a bit. The Great North Visa helped me get into the Express Entry program and definitely exceeded my expectations. Professional services that were worth every penny"

      Camille Arnette

      "I got the sponsorship visa through the Great North Visa (I think it was called the family visa). I met my husband while I was studying in Canada and after 3 years together, we decided to get married. The Great North Visa helped us get the sponsor visa so I could live permanently with my husband. Thank you very much"

      Ken Chua

      "One thing I can say about the Great North Visa is that they were an excellent choice for what I needed. Easy communication, fast processing, a professional approach throughout… I'm very happy with the immigration process I had with this company. Definitely recommend"

      Liedeke van der Kuil
      South Africa
      Liedeke _vanderKui

      "My husband and I were extremely hesitant about hiring an immigration company to get our visas. But the great north visa proved to be trustworthy and very helpful. We warmly recommend this company to anyone who needs help getting a visa to Canada."

      Seol Chan
      Hong Kong

      "The Great North Visa was recommended to me by a friend who moved to Canada through the Express Entry program. I have a Start-Up for cloud computing and I wanted to get an idea of what I needed to do to take my business to Canada. The immigration and legal teams handled the entire process professionally, efficiently and patiently. We went about this step by step and a year and a half later I can proudly say that I made it to where I wanted to be. I'm very grateful for all the effort that was put into my immigration process"