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About Us

Great North Visa Immigration Team

Canada immigration is a journey that requires the utmost knowledge and support. The Great North Visa was established to accompany our clients through the Canada immigration process, from the early stages of preparation until the final submission of the immigration visa application. We are a solution-driven organization providing a wide variety of immigration services and products to international clients who are interested in Canada immigration.

Some of our services include:

  1. Professional career profile assessment
  2. Document collection – getting ready for the immigration process
  3. Guidance and support in obtaining IELTS
  4. Guidance and support in obtaining WES (educational evaluation)
  5. IELTS online course
  6. English courses
  7. French courses
  8. CV optimization
  9. Interview preparation courses
  10. Job search support in Canada
  11. Settlement solutions

At the Great North Visa we exclusively subcontract fully authorized Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants. These are consultants of good standing, certified by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Authority (ICCRC).

Our team acquired extensive experience with Canadian immigration procedures and legalities. They perform eligibility screenings on selected profiles of Great North Visa end-user customers. This service is provided in accordance with our Terms of Use (authorized representatives) and under the terms and conditions made available here.

At the Great North Visa, we are committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise with you in every step of the way, ensuring every detail of your process is up to par and providing the most cost-effective services to you and your family. With a strong team of Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC’s), we will accompany you towards obtaining the Canada visa that is suited to you.