Great North Visa - Our RCIC: Regulated Canadian Consultants


Why Work with A Registered and
Authorized Immigration Consultant?

Working with a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) gives you the peace of mind of knowing you and your family are in the best possible hands. We take our responsibilities very seriously, and it reflects in every aspect of the services we provide.

At the Great North Visa immigration services, we subcontract a selected team of RCICs who went through our strict screening process. Each RCIC has acquired years of proven experience, specialized in specific types of Canada visas and has impeccable track records. With a wealth of knowledge, experience and a rich history in Canadian Immigration and citizenship law policies, they are experts in customizing and executing strategic immigration solutions.

When will I be assigned an RCIC?

Once the immigration preparation phase is completed and in full collaboration with you, we will assign and introduce you to your personal RCIC. This will be a consultant we strongly believe is most suitable to your case. This professional and regulated consultant will accompany you throughout the final visa application submission process, and will represent your case before Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

When assigning an RCIC to your case, we consider the following:

  1. Your RCIC’s expertise is a match to your particular immigration case, to maximize the likelihood of a successful outcome

  2. Your native language, to ensure clear communication between you and your RCIC

  3. Your cultural background, as we understand from experience that many of our clients prefer a consultant from the same cultural background

What are the services provided by my RCIC?

  1. Communicating with the Canadian government on your behalf

  2. Providing professional consultation regarding your immigration or citizenship options

  3. Assistance preparing and submitting your immigration or citizenship application

  4. Representing you at your immigration or citizenship application hearing

Our team of RCICs successfully represented numerous individuals, families, and businesses on immigration, refugee, and citizenship matters throughout Canada and internationally. Our team advocates fiercely on behalf of our clients, bringing to bear our immigration expertise as well as our commitment to excellence to uphold our track record of providing high-quality legal services.

Great North Visa’s professional team reflects the diversity of the clients we serve, with a proven track record of success in preparing them for the journey ahead.

We provide consultations to clients all across Canada and internationally. You can contact us today for a free consultation.