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Learn About Canada's Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

For those who want to move to Canada for good and have been weighing their options, perhaps the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is the most ideal way for you to get permanent residency in Canada. Although each of the provinces and territories in Canada may have different requirements for application for PNP Canada, your strong connection to an area like a family member already living in the province, a previous visit in the province or work experience in the province may be of big help.

Read on to learn what is PNP, how to apply for PNP, and how to get a provincial nomination in Canada.

What is PNP?

Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs are offered to individuals interested in immigrating to a particular province or territory in Canada. PNP Canada is designed uniquely by each province based on the needs of its population and its unique immigration goals through the different PNP streams or immigration programs. The targeted groups could be students, businessmen, skilled workers and semi-skilled workers.

Applicants with specific skills may be preferred by the province or territory based on their economic needs. This is the reason why different provinces may differ in their procedures in application and criteria for eligibility for PNP Canada.

Applicants must have the skills, education and work experience that would significantly contribute to the provincial or territorial economy. They must desire to live in that province, ultimately becoming permanent residents of Canada.

PNP Canada is considered a nominee program since the province’s role is simply to nominate applicants for permanent residence subject to the approval at the national level by the federal government. So, the first step on how to get a provincial nomination in Canada is to get approved at the provincial level before applying at the federal level.

PNP Programs

Since each of the provinces and territories have their unique PNP Canada, it’s important for an applicant to consult the provinces or look carefully into the eligibility requirements. There are more than 80 different provincial programs from the thirteen provinces and territories of Canada. Let’s have a look at the PNP Canada offered in each province and territory:

Alberta PNP offers several immigration streams. Alberta Opportunity Stream is for those working in Alberta with an offer of employment from an employer. Alberta Express Entry considers those with active profiles in the federal Express Entry while Alberta Self-Employed Farmer is for those with financial resources and expertise in operating a farm.

British Columbia PNP is for skilled immigrants who may apply under the British Columbia Skills Immigration stream. Entrepreneurs and investors with significant net worth may apply under British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration stream.

Manitoba PNP offers streams under four categories; Skilled workers may apply under Skilled Workers in Manitoba or SWM and Skilled Workers Overseas or SWO. Recent graduates from designated post-secondary institutions in Manitoba may apply under the International Education Stream or IES. Those who have business management experience planning to start a business endeavor in Manitoba may apply under the Business Investor Stream or BIS.

New Brunswick’s PNP is designed to fill the gaps in workforce. Aligned with the federal Express Entry, the New Brunswick Express Entry Labor Market Stream (EELMS) targets highly skilled individuals.

Recent graduates of universities and colleges in the province who have operated a business for a year may be nominated through the New Brunswick Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream.

Foreign workers with a job offer from a local employer may apply under the New Brunswick Skilled Workers with Employer Support Stream.

Newfoundland and Labrador PNP offer the Express Entry Skilled Worker stream for skilled workers under the federal Express Entry pool with guaranteed employment offer.

Skilled workers with full-time job offer may apply under the Skilled Worker stream. Graduates from post-secondary institutions who are job offer recipients or have been employed may apply under NLNP International Graduate Program.

Foreign business owners or managers may avail nomination from International Entrepreneur and International Graduate Entrepreneur categories.

Skilled workers in the federal Express Entry pool who have job offer in the Northwest Territories may apply under the Northwest Territories Express Entry while foreign nationals with National Occupational Classification Skill Level 0, A, B, C, or D with job offer may apply under the Northwest Territories Employer Driven. Business owners may also be nominated under Northwest Territories Business Driven.

Nova Scotia PNP offers the following streams for those who have valid job offer: Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry, Nova Scotia Skilled Worker, Occupations in Demand stream for nurses’ aides and related jobs, and Nova Scotia Physicians if job offer comes from health organization.

Skilled individuals working in the province for a year may apply under the Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry, while business owners planning to invest in the province may be nominated under the Nova Scotia Entrepreneur. Graduates who operated a business for a year may apply under the Nova Scotia International Graduate Entrepreneur.

Ontario PNP offers Human Capital Streams for those who have work or educational experience in Ontario, individuals who are proficient in both English and French, and those with competitive Express Entry profiles. Ontario Employer Job Offer is for those offered with a job who met eligibility requirements. Wealthy entrepreneurs may apply under the Ontario Business.

The Prince Edward Island PNP offers prospective immigrants already in the federal Express Entry pool, a chance to be nominated under PEI Express Entry so long as their skills and experience match the province’s labor needs.  Those already hired by PEI employer may apply under the Labor Impact stream while those on a business visa and doing business in PEI may take advantage of the Business Impact stream.

With French as the official language, Quebec PNP gives more preference to individuals proficient in French. Skilled workers may apply under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program while those who already have experience in Quebec may apply under the Quebec Experience Program. Those who intend to manage business may avail of the Quebec Entrepreneur Program. Individuals who have two years of experience as self-employed with an asset of at least $100,000 CAD may apply under Quebec Self-Employed.  

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program or SINP offers two streams for skilled worker – the Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker and Saskatchewan Experience, while Saskatchewan Entrepreneur and Farm is offered to individuals intending to do business in the province.

Same with the other provinces, Yukon PNP offers Yukon Skilled Worker, Yukon Express Entry, Yukon Critical Impact Worker, Yukon Business Nominee, and Yukon Community Pilot where qualified candidates will be granted a 2-year location-restricted open work permit.

PNP Requirements

Although the PNP requirements for each Canada PNP program are different, work experience that meets the needs of specific labor markets is number one. An applicant should also have language proficiency, educational requirements and skill set. Your goal as an applicant is to contribute to the local economy and to establish permanent residence in that province or territory through Canada PNP program.

For the Express Entry System, an applicant must gain 67 out of 100 points which may be obtained if the applicant is between 18-55 years of age, a graduate with qualification, has minimum of 3 years of experience, has language proficiency in English or French, and has arranged employment if possible.

How to Apply for PNP

After you have chosen the province or territory you wish to apply, check the specific requirements for eligibility so you could determine the right Canada PNP program for you. Then, submit an application to the province or territory and obtain Provincial Nomination Certificate. If you passed the application, the province or territory will nominate you to apply for a Canadian permanent residence visa.

There are two ways to apply for PNP Canada. You can apply online if the chosen PNP is aligned with Express Entry. Otherwise, you may submit a paper-based application to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. You must also pass the police check and medical examination.

For Express Entry, you must submit an Express Entry profile where you should indicate that you have been nominated by a Canadian province or territory. After confirmation, you will be included in the Express Entry pool.

PNP VS. Express Entry

The Canadian government allows 11 of the 13 provinces and territories in Canada to nominate foreign candidates with job offers for permanent residency through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). The criteria set by each province may be different so it is a must for an applicant to check the in-demand occupations stated in the National Occupation Classification (NOC) of the province or territory. If you’re successful with the application for Canada PNP Program under any of the more than 60 categories, subcategories and streams, then you may apply for permanent residency. The application process time may take longer from 6 to 18 months.

On the other hand, the Federal Express Entry System was designed to speed up the whole process of the application in as little as 6 months. It is point-based program and an applicant must gain minimum CRS score of 67 out of 100 based on their age, education, and work experience. The process of selection for Canada PNP program is fairer and accessible.

PNP Eligibility

The whole intention of PNP is the contribution to economy through eligible workers. You are preferred if your likelihood in remaining in that province is high. This may happen if you have experience in jobs which are in-demand in that province. Some PNPs also prefer if you have connection to the province like a residing relative.

Personal attributes like strong language skills, high level of education and skilled work experience may have high chance of succeeding.

The PNP application process can be complex. That is why it is a must for individuals to make sure that applications are correct, complete and submitted through the proper channel. To ensure success in your application, it is best to seek professional help from immigration specialists who know the ins and outs of PNP applications.

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