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Working Holiday Visa

Working Holiday Visa

Canada IEC Working Holiday Visa is one of the most popular visa programs for young adults. If you are 18 to 30 years old (or 35 for some nationalities), you can work and travel in Canada for up to 24 months. With the IEC Working Holiday Visa you can go on exciting adventures, meet new people, and make work connections in Canada.

As a holder of the IEC Working Holiday Visa, you may work for any Canadian employer in any part of Canada. Plus, you don’t need a job offer prior to applying for this visa. This can open doors to your professional future in Canada and internationally.

Every year, more than 100,000 people get valid permits to work in Canada. Whether you are fresh out of high school or looking to try a unique experience, as long as you meet the requirements, you can apply for your IEC Visa Canada and discover a new world.

Before starting your visa application, it’s important to understand what this program is all about, the eligibility requirements and how to apply.


What is a Working Holiday Visa Canada?

The International Experience Canada is a temporary immigration program for young adults who want to develop their professional skills and social networks.

This program includes 3 visas: Young Professionals, International Co-op, and the Working Holiday Visa. Each one focuses on inviting young people to work and travel in Canada. The purpose is to bring together international travelers, introduce them to Canada’s culture, and incorporate them into unique professional opportunities.

This program is made possible thanks to a partnership called the “Youth Mobility Agreement”. This agreement is made between Canada and other countries, and it details the conditions of your IEC visa; what you are permitted to do, how many times you can apply, how long can you stay in Canada, and more.

The Working Holiday Visa is an excellent way to start your journey in Canada. It’s a great first step towards exploring your options, discovering more opportunities in life, and getting a taste of Canadian customs.

Why a Working Holiday Visa?

The Working Holiday Visa Canada is one of the easiest open work permits you can apply for. Draws are done every 2 weeks to select candidates. This is done completely at random, so everyone has an equal shot at getting their Working Holiday Visa.

Furthermore, processing times are typically shorter. While other work permits may take several months to process, you can get your visa anytime between 24 hours to a month.

Here are 5 more reasons you should apply for an IEC visa Canada:

Work Opportunities

In life, time is money and there’s no better way to maximize that than by having an open work permit. An open work permit allows you to work with more than one employer. This gives you the opportunity to choose almost any job you want. 

Just make sure to check which employers are eligible in Canada. Apply to jobs that work around your daily schedule. Save money for future travels, possible studies, and refreshing experiences.

No commitment

There are hundreds of different locations and areas in Canada. All of them have their charm and atmosphere. You may want to create a list of places to visit prior to your arrival, so you could launch your plans as soon as you land.

As mentioned, an open work permit such as the Working Holiday Visa Canada, allows flexibility with your schedule and job types. This way, no matter how far and wide you travel, you will always be able to make a living stress-free.

Valid for Most Job Applications

An open work permit allows you to work for most jobs in Canada. Canada has many job openings in different industries, as demonstrated on the NOC list.

While you will most likely start out as a bartender or waiter, as those are temporary jobs more fitting for a Working Holiday Visa holder, this can open opportunities to work connections in industries you are much more interested in. You may even be offered a temporary position that could turn into a permanent one.

Apply More Than Once

Did you know that the Working Holiday Canada visa can last as long as 2 years? While you need to meet some additional eligibility requirements, you could have the opportunity to go for a second round.

If not, you can always opt for a regular work permit (temporary or permanent), a student visa, or other. You can consult with an immigration agency about your options.

Develop Yourself

Being at an early stage of your life, at this age, in particular, you might be facing a lot of uncertainties. You may not know what the future holds for you or what life you want to create for yourself. But a Working Holiday Visa is a great way to try and solve those uncertainties.

This visa is a great way to discover your interests, make new work and social connections. Being away from your familiar environment can help you discover more self-confidence and self-appreciation, which will assist you in years to come.

Working Holiday Visa Canada Requirements

The IEC Canada works in collaboration with nations around the world. If you are from one of Canada’s partner countries, you can apply for the IEC Canada candidate’s pool. These are the eligible countries for a Working Holiday Visa Canada:

If your home country is not part of the IEC Canada partner countries, you have the option to apply via Recognized Organizations. There is always a way to participate and apply for a Working Holiday Visa Canada.  These ROs can help you with your application for this visa:

  • GO International

  • International Rural Exchange (IRE)

  • Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN)

  • Stepwest

  • SWAP Working Holidays

Be sure to check the conditions of the Youth Mobility Program between your home country and Canada, if there is one. Each agreement has its own conditions. Some countries may only allow you to participate in this program under certain limitations.

How to Apply?

Due to the popularity of IEC Canada, even though applicants are selected at random, it’s important to know how to apply correctly for your visa.

Chosen candidates will receive an ITA (Invitation to Apply) to complete their visa application. Please note that if you apply via an RO, the results will come from their own ‘pool of candidates’.

STEP 1: Create your IEC Canada Profile

Your first step is to complete an IEC Canada profile. This profile will be submitted to the Canadian immigration authorities so they can review who you are and decide whether to send you an ITA. If possible, submit your profile to more than one IEC pool for better chances of getting accepted!

Your profile should cover your nationalities, personal information, your occupations, work experience, whether you have a job offer, and more. You have 60 days to complete it.

STEP 2: Wait for Results

When Canada decides to invite you, they will send an Invitation to Apply. Once you get your Invitation to Apply from Canada, you have limited time to submit your final paperwork and other requirements. 

You have 10 days to decide if you will accept the invitation for the Working Holiday Visa Canada. Then you have 20 days to complete your work permit application. That’s more or less a month to put in all the work for your work permit.

STEP 3: Work Permit Application

Start your Work Permit Application process immediately after you accept your invitation. Get the documents you need and make sure to have backup electronic copies of your paperwork. Don’t forget to attach verified pertinent legal forms from your valid job offer too.

TIP: Time is of the essence. 20 days can go by very fast if you don’t plan and Canada only grants application extensions sparingly. If you don’t have the time to process the necessary paperwork and requirements for your work permit, you can use an immigration consultancy for assistance. 

STEP 4: Pay the applicable fees  

Don’t forget to pay the complete fees in the process to finalize your applications. 

TIP: Keep accessible copies of your receipts. A digital copy can serve as your proof or support when necessary.

Additional IEC Programs

The Working Holiday Visa Canada isn’t the only IEC Canada program available for you. Canada’s partnership with other eligible nations also comes in the form of other specialized initiatives.

Though the core value is still the same, providing youth with sustainable work and travel opportunities in Canada is something that’s hard to find anywhere else. 

Young Professionals

The Young Professionals focuses on secondary graduates. Canada provides you with work that is relevant to your field of study. Eligible positions should be labeled under Skill Type 0, A, and B of the National Occupation Classification (NOC) system.

These are some examples of the different occupation categories:

Management positions: Financial Manages, Restaurant Managers, Computer Science Managers

Professionals: Doctors, Dentists, Architects

Technical jobs: Chefs, Plumbers, Electricians

If you are seriously deliberating about staying in Canada for good, this program can be a good stepping stone for you. Start the journey to your career path and enjoy the place you will possibly call home one day.

International Co-op (Internship)

Working overseas can be a valuable experience in your field. Canada offers the International Co-op to potential interns during their studies. Through this program, you will receive professional training and apply your knowledge as you continue your studies.

If you want to expand your skills and integrate international work experience, finding an internship in Canada is a great solution for you. Enjoy the many locations of the Great White North while finishing the requirements for your curriculum.

Great North Visa Immigration Consultancy

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