Canada Family Visa – Move with Your Family

People leave their home countries for several reasons; Some dream of having a better life, and they believe that they can achieve that desire by living in another place. Some want to escape poverty and find a rich country with lots of opportunities to improve their financial status. It could also just be that they feel like they belong somewhere else.

Whatever the reasons behind these decisions, it is a fact of life that many people choose to migrate from one country to another at some point in their lives. And one of the top countries that people migrate to is Canada.

Migrating with families is very much welcome in Canada. The country values the importance of keeping families together. That being said, Canadian family immigration is top priority to the Canadian immigration authorities.

Types of family visas

Obtaining a Canada family visa could either be through a Sponsorship Visa or a Super Visa. Sponsorship Visa is granted by applying in the following programs:

  1. Spousal and Family Sponsorship

  2. Spousal and Common-Law Partner Sponsorship

  3. Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship

  4. Dependent Child Sponsorship

Family sponsorship

Canadian family immigration is one of the most commonly used categories in visa applications. Family sponsor visa qualified applicants are those who are 18-year-olds and above who are permanent residents of Canada or Canadian citizens. These applicants can sponsor their relatives to become permanent residents of Canada. They could be the spouses, conjugal or common-law partners, dependent child/children (both biological and adopted), parents, or grandparents. 

Moreover, applicants can sponsor their sibling, nephew, niece, or grandchild who is already orphaned, is still 18 years old (or below) and not yet married. But of course, there must be valid proof that they are related either by blood or through adoption and that both parents of the orphan have already passed.

There are certain eligibility requirements to be met depending on the category of the family sponsor visa application. But in all cases, the applicant must meet the income requirements set according to the Canadian family immigration rules. It is also the sponsor’s responsibility to take care of the financial needs of his/her family for a given duration. The Canadian government is not responsible for providing monetary assistance to them during the agreed period.

Parent sponsorship

Having a well-developed health system, Canada is an ideal place to live for parents. Canada parent sponsorship can be availed by Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada who are 18 years old (and above), who are living in Canada during application. Eligible people for sponsorship are the applicant’s own parents by blood or by adoption.

The following are examples of a parent sponsorship Canada 2021:

  1. Sponsoring one of the parents.
  2. Sponsoring both parents together as a couple.
  3. Sponsoring a mother, step-father, and their dependent child. (The principal sponsor will be the one related to the sponsor by blood. In this example, the principal sponsor is the mother)

Canada parent’s sponsorship requires the sponsor to commit to an undertaking that starting from the day the parents become permanent residents, he or she will support them financially for a period of 20 years. If within that period, the sponsored parents received provincial social assistance, then the sponsor will have to repay the government. 

During the period of undertaking, both sponsor and sponsored persons must agree that the sponsor will provide for the basic needs of the parents and the sponsored parents must endeavor to support themselves.

Not everyone can be eligible for availing the Canada parent sponsorship. Even if they are already a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada, the following are examples for ineligibility:

  1. The applicant is in penitentiary, prison, or jail.
  2. The applicant didn’t pay back:
    1. an alimony,
    2. child support,
    3. performance bond, or
    4. an immigration loan.
  3. The applicant wasn’t able to provide financial support to someone he or she had sponsored in the past as agreed upon in the signed sponsorship agreement.
  4. The applicant declared bankruptcy and is not discharged.
  5. The applicant, for a reason other than a disability, has received social assistance from the Canadian government.

Grandparents sponsorship

Being the number 1 Best Countries for Quality of Life, Canada is not only ideal for parents to live in but it is a great decision to sponsor grandparents. Similar to parent sponsorship Canada 2021, qualified applicants can sponsor their own grandparents related either by blood or adoption. For divorce or separation cases, the grandparents’ spouses or partners (conjugal or common-law) may also be sponsored by the grandchild. 

As long as income requirements are met, the applicant may sponsor one or both grandparents and also their dependents. Parents and grandparents may also be sponsored at the same time but there should be two separate sponsorship applications.

The same undertaking promise and sponsorship agreement as in the parent sponsorship Canada 2021 is required in availing the grandparents’ sponsorship.

Spouse sponsorship

For a family person who is already a permanent resident of Canada or is already a Canadian citizen, the first person he or she would love to sponsor would be, of course, their spouse. If there is a visa for parents and grandparents, there is also a spouse visa Canada program that husbands and wives can avail of.

Basically, the sponsor requirements in availing the spouse visa Canada are the same with the parents and grandparents sponsorship. The sponsored spouse, on the other hand, needs to be at least 18 years old and is legally married to the sponsor in order to obtain the spouse visa Canada.

Applying for the spouse visa Canada also requires the undertaking and sponsorship agreement. As to the income requirement, it is only needed for sponsoring a spouse together with a dependent child with one or more children of their own. Otherwise, with the spouse visa Canada program, sponsoring a spouse or partner alone does not require the sponsor to prove that he or she has enough money like in other sponsorship programs. 

Super visa

If the Canada family visa programs available are not suitable for parents or grandparents, there is another great option available for families to reunite in Canada; It is the availability of the Super Visa.

Given that the sponsored parents or grandparents meet the set criteria by the Canadian family immigration, their Super Visa will allow them to visit their family in Canada. They can stay as a visitor for up to 2 years. Additionally, multiple entries for up to 10 years can be availed with the Super Visa.

To qualify for a Super Visa, the parent or grandparent must have a child or grandchild who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada. It should be clearly stated that the intention is just to stay in Canada as a visitor and, at the end of the visit, must leave by choice. The child or grandchild must be proven to be able to support the visitors during their stay.

Other than the above-stated requirements, the following are also taken into consideration by the Canadian family immigration office:

  1. The visitor’s ties to the home country.
  2. The visitor’s purpose for the visit.
  3. The visitor’s family and finances.
  4. The overall economic and political stability of the visitor’s home country.

The Canada family visa, with the different sponsorship programs, is a helpful way for Canadian citizens and permanent residents to be together with their loved ones in one of the best countries to live in on earth.

Canada family visa programs not only allow families to stay in the country but they are given the chance to enjoy the benefits of living in a safe and multicultural country. When Canada family visa sponsored relatives are already permanent Canadian residents, they can live, work, and study in Canada permanently.

With the grant of a Canada family visa, parents will be able to provide the best education with the well-developed public education system in Canada. With a good job market, the Canada family visa sponsorship programs are a great help for families rising up from poverty, have a better quality of life, and provide a better future for their families’ new generations. 

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