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Profile Enhancement

Profile Enhancement

If you are applying for a Canada work visa through the Express Entry program or the Provincial Nominee Program, it’s important to submit a strong visa application with a high point score. A strong application with a high point score means better chances of getting selected from the candidate’s pool by the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada).

When enhancing your immigration profile, it’s important to keep a broad prospective. Many people focus on one aspect of their application instead of considering how to improve other aspects, which will allow them to score more points in total. For example, a well-educated person with a PHD may assume that they will qualify for a Canada work visa based on that aspect alone. The reality is that one strong quality may not be enough to get selected by the IRCC.

So how do we enhance your immigration profile?

Following the results of your visa eligibility assessment and matching you with the right visa, we will be able to determine what is needed for your particular case, to enhance your immigration profile and show Canada’s immigration authorities why you are the most suited candidate to join Canada’s workforce.

Enhancing your immigration profile may require you to pass language proficiency tests in English and/or in French, improve your resume, undertake additional studies, pass a skills assessment, receive a job offer, receive a provincial nomination, increase your work experience, amongst other things. There are many ways to enhance your Canada immigration profile in order to stand out in the pool of candidates. We’ll be happy to present those options to you and accompany you towards achieving your goals.

The Great North Visa provides Canada immigration services internationally to clients who are interested in Canada immigration. With a strong team of Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC’s), we will accompany you towards obtaining your Canada visa. Contact our team today for a visa eligibility assessment to determine what Canada visa is best suited to your qualifications. To get started, Click Here.