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Immigration Strategy

Immigration Strategy

Canada’s immigration system is extremely dynamic and trying to understand it can easily become an exhausting process. Policies, restrictions and regulations can change in a heartbeat, not to mention the high volume of application submissions every year for Canada permanent residency or even a temporary work permit. If you are a business owner, entrepreneur or investor interested in conducting business activities in Canada – all the more reason to have an efficient and effective immigration strategy.

An immigration strategy is basically your map towards obtaining your Canadian visa. It can help eliminate potential challenges and give you the peace of mind of knowing exactly how, when and where you should prepare to submit your visa application and obtain the visa you need.

Our immigration team at Great North Visa stays updated on all the latest news and regulation updates concerning Canada’s immigration policies, to ensure that you are always in the loop and consistently moving forward towards achieving your goal – a Canadian visa. Once we know what kind of visa you will be applying for, we will be able to map out your next steps. For example:

  1. We will assist you with understanding your unique immigration process; province-specific exams, regulations, and work experience requirements are completely different between professions, even those who are relatively similar to each other (such as a nurse and a doctor).

  2. We will assist you with acquiring and submitting complex and time sensitive documents with extremely limited validity.

  3. We will assist you with obtaining medical clearance after you receive your ITA (Invitation to Apply), within the 60-day time limit. Often, it can take up to 3 months (especially during Covid-19).

  4. We will assist you with job searching tools, contacting Canadian employers, CV optimization, communication strategies, language courses, and more.

During the final stage, we will submit your case to the government. It is normally a 6 – 12 month process to receive an ITA, during which the government will require you to provide proof of finances, personal connections, etc. We will assist you with collecting the final documents and representing you in front of the Canadian government as needed.

Based off your unique case, we can determine where you should or need to go, how to get qualified, and what it will take to make your immigration process successful.

The Great North Visa provides Canada immigration services internationally to clients who are interested in Canada immigration. With a strong team of Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC’s), we will accompany you towards obtaining your Canada visa. Contact our team today for a visa eligibility assessment to determine what Canada visa is best suited to your qualifications. To get started, Click Here.