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Document Preparation

Document Preparation

After receiving the results of your visa eligibility assessment for Canada immigration, the path to successful immigration becomes clear: You now know exactly what visa matches your qualifications and what kind of documentation is required for you to meet the visa-specific requirements and apply for it.

Accurate document preparation for a Canada visa application is one of the most essential steps before submitting your application to the pool of candidates. Any document or detail out of place, can send your Canada visa application to the trash.

These are some of the most common documents you will need in order to apply for a Canada visa:

  1. Identity and Civil Status documents
  2. Police clearance
  3. Medical clearance
  4. Proof of financial support
  5. Proof of your work experience
  6. Proof of your academic qualifications
  7. IELTS exam
  8. WES exam

If you are travelling with underage children, there are additional documents you must prepare, in order to submit your Canada visa application. Ask your personal immigration agent for more information.

Your immigration agent will assist you with collecting and organizing the necessary documents for your Canada visa application, to ensure that every detail is accurate and in place.

The Great North Visa provides Canada immigration services internationally to clients who are interested in Canada immigration. With a strong team of Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC’s), we will accompany you towards obtaining your Canada visa. Contact our team today for a visa eligibility assessment to determine what Canada visa is best suited to your qualifications. To get started, Click Here.