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Studying in Canada vs. USA - which one is better?

Studying in Canada vs. USA – Which One is Better?

Your degree is often your path to success. Therefore, it is essential to find the best school to prepare you for your future! Always choose the one that will help you build yourself for the upcoming challenges in life. Are you one of the freshman students searching for the best school or perhaps an international college student, torn between studying in Canada and the USA? We know how difficult it is to look for the best school. Well, hopefully, at the end of this article, you can finally decide where to enroll this coming school year!

Indeed, the USA tops as the first choice for international students. However, according to the latest reports, a sudden drop of 39% was noted last year. On the other hand, Canada received an increase in applications from international students worldwide! What do you think happened? Why has Canada suddenly become the leading choice of international students? Listed below are some of the reasons for this change.

Quick side-note: being a Canadian company, we are totally biased. However, everything listed below is based on true facts!

High-cost Living and Expensive Tuition Fees

Financial assistance is something that the USA can’t easily provide for international students. While scholarships are available, it seems that Canada’s scholarships are more generous and highly available for deserving students, which leads to a big cut on their expenses!

Aside from this, the cost of living in the United States is way higher and expensive. It would be safe to assume that while education is important, you can’t compromise on your quality of life by spending every penny you have just to get by. So, between Canada and the USA, the former offers affordability both in school fees and cost of living. To put it into comparison, the US requires around $35,000 per year of education while Canada is only about 23,000 Canadian dollars!

Difficulty in US Visa Application

One reason why Canada is extremely popular among international students is because of its lenient visa process. Student visa permits tend to be long and more complicated in the United States than in Canada. This is because applications filed in the US follow strict protocols like evaluation and interviews that usually take time before a decision is released. Student visa permits in Canada are given as early as 3 weeks from the time of application! Moreover, Canada won’t require international students to reapply for student visas every year, unlike in the US. Sounds better, right? If you were to study abroad, would you choose the one that will require you to go through all the hassles of a visa application? Definitely not!

Employment Opportunities

PGWP or Post Graduation Work Permit allows foreign students in Canada to apply for a job. PGWP gives international students an additional 3 years to find a job and eventually apply for a Permanent Residence visa! Once you have the PR status, citizenship is within your reach! However, this isn’t the case if you plan to go to the US. Once you graduate, you must have a sponsor to get a job. Generally speaking, international students in the US can’t stay once they finish their degree unless they’ve got sponsors. 

Healthcare System

One thing an international student needs to check before applying for a student visa is the healthcare system. Medical check-ups and hospitalization are something you can’t control and will surely cost you a lot of money. Typically, the United States requires all international students to apply for their health insurance, resulting in additional expenses. 

When it comes to the universal healthcare system worldwide, Canada is always on the top list. Although each province has varying guidelines, they ensure everyone in the country has ease of access. Each province in Canada offers healthcare coverage even for temporary residents like foreign students. If they aren’t covered, they may opt to use the medical insurance of their school. They may also choose to get affordable coverage from private companies. 

Policies for International Students 

Canada and the US seem to have contradictory ideas when it comes to accepting international students. In fact, Canada aims to receive 450,000 students by the end of 2022. It also helps that the student visa process seems to be more lenient compared to the US. As a result, thousands of students worldwide applied to study in the country. Indeed, Canada is making its way to be the top choice of international students. 

Education System in Canada

Just like other countries, the education system in Canada is no different. All colleges and universities offer three degrees, namely bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate. Do you plan to complete all three? Well, Canada can definitely help you! As one of the international students, rest assured that you will receive a quality education at an affordable price. 

Since Canada uses English as its primary language in school, international students who aren’t native English speakers need to take English proficiency exams such as IELTS. Once you pass this initial requirement, you are now ready to reach your Canadian dream!

The basic structure of education in Canada is as follows:

  • Kindergarten

  • Primary

  • Secondary

  • College/University

Like any other country, Canada also accepts vocational or college students once a student completes Grade 12. 

Why Study in Canada?

Have you been thinking of studying overseas but are still undecided where specifically? Well, here are some reasons why to study in Canada:

Academic Excellence

Studying in Canada will not just allow you to meet other people; you are also allowing yourself to experience the best quality of education! Canadian government focuses on providing quality education to all students, focusing on growth, development, and research. Hence, you’ll surely excel no matter what field you want to pursue!

Great Environment

Besides beautiful places and scenic views, another reason to study in Canada is its safety. Living in Canada allows you to experience peace and tranquility by simply looking at your surroundings. Known as a multicultural country, Canada is the best place for every nationality. Indeed, studying in Canada will be one of the best decisions you could ever have. 

Earn while Learning

Canadian government makes sure international students are also part of their strong workforce. With this, they can have additional income while learning! International students are allowed to work twenty hours weekly during semesters and full-time during summer and holiday breaks! With this, some of your expenses are now covered. 

Healthcare System

Another reason why to study in Canada is healthcare benefits. Bills got you worried? Well, Canada is one of few countries that offer free healthcare programs at no cost at all! This means you are entitled to receive quality healthcare no matter what type of visa or permit you’re holding. However, depending on your location, you still might incur some charges. 

Benefits of Studying In Canada

One of the main benefits of studying in Canada is the opportunity to become a resident. Unlike in the United States, where international students can’t work without a sponsor, Canada grants PGWP. It encourages students to stay and look for a suitable job while applying for a permanent residency. Once they’re approved, citizenship will surely follow. This will enable them to get their families to join them in Canada! 

Moreover, the good thing about studying in Canada is to have developed skills and abilities among all students. All colleges and universities offer an advanced, diversified method in education. Canada’s training and education are recognized worldwide, equivalent to the degrees obtained in the US. Therefore, whether it is a diploma or a bachelor’s degree, you will surely land high-profile jobs around the world. 

Being in Canada will also allow you to experience the best quality of life. With its beautiful surroundings, multicultural cities, and a safe place to dwell, Canada is simply the best for you and your family. 

Best Universities in Canada for International Students

Canada offers hundreds of colleges and universities where international students can enroll. Have you been dreaming of finishing your course in Canada? That’s definitely a good start! Are you having difficulty finding the best university for you? Well, here are some of the most popular schools:

  • University of Alberta

  • York University

  • University of British Columbia

  • University of Windsor

  • University of Toronto

  • University of Regina

  • Dalhousie university

  • Concordia University Montreal

  • McGill University

How to Start Your Student Visa Application?

Think you’ve settled on choosing Canada as a place for study but worrying about visa applications? Contact us! As an international student, visa applications shouldn’t get you worried. We understand documents and paperwork can be overwhelming, but with Great North Visa, you’re just one step ahead of your Canadian dream! Denied applications are commonly due to incomplete documents and papers. Allowing us to assist you in completing your requirements will surely make a difference.

Don’t wait for this to happen! Check out Great North Visa and let us know how we could further assist you.

Jessica Thompson

Jessica Thompson is a professional content writer for Great North Visa. Jessica immigrated to Canada in 2012 from the UK with her husband Jack Thompson, and their two children. As someone who experienced first-hand what the Canadian immigration process is like, combined with extensive research, Jessica can share her knowledge about Canada immigration with her readers around the world. We hope that you find Jessica’s blog valuable to your journey to the Great White Noth.

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Jessica Thompson

Jessica Thompson is a professional content writer for Great North Visa. Jessica immigrated to Canada in 2012 from the UK with her husband Jack Thompson, and their two children. As someone who experienced first-hand what the Canadian immigration process is like, combined with extensive research, Jessica can share her knowledge about Canada immigration with her readers around the world. We hope that you find Jessica’s blog valuable to your journey to the Great White Noth.