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How to Easily Move to Ontario – Ontario PNP

Are you in pursuit of new opportunities? Are you looking for a new place to call home?

If you made the decision to move across oceans and nations to Canada, you landed on the right page.

Ontario has some of the highest immigration rates in Canada (which also makes for a diverse and welcoming population). As one of the fastest-growing provinces with the most nominated residents, Ontario welcomed over 184,000 new people in 2020 and an additional 4,400 permanent residents in the first half of 2021.

The high immigration rates are largely possible thanks to the Ontario PNP. But Ontario also has a lot to offer its permanent residents, and we will break down these benefits below.

If you’re ready to move to Canada but not sure what place to aim for, perhaps Ontario PNP would be perfect for you. You can also consult with our Great North Visa professionals about your options in Canada.

Let’s take a look at all the features that make Ontario an ideal place to settle down:

About Ontario: Why You Should Move Here

So, you must be wondering, what is so special about Ontario? What makes it different from any other province?

Glad you asked. We chose 5 prominent features that make Ontario extremely attractive and beneficial to new residents:


Ontario is a province in the east-central part of Canada, bordering the United States. Ontario is considered Canada’s main economic hub. It boasts stunning natural diversity, including forests and provincial parks. It is also home to the five Great Lakes and the famous Niagara Falls.

In other words, Ontario displays a nice balance of city life and nature.

Job opportunity

Being the main economic hub of Canada, Ontario has many job opportunities available. From nurses, to truck drivers, to welders, and business management consultants – you can find a wide range of opportunities in Ontario.

If you would like to check some job availability, check out


Of course, it’s important to consider salary expectations when moving to a new city (not to mention, a whole new country). Wages can vary depending on the city and even the neighborhood you move to, regardless of your qualifications and experience.

Ontario seems to keep up with the times and tries to increase the minimum wage over time to maintain stable livelihoods. For instance, starting October 1, 2021, the minimum daily wage will increase from CAD14.25 to CAD14.35 per hour.

For specific occupations, it would be best to search online for the average wages per profession. But this is the minimum to expect at jobs that don’t require particular education or experience, such as bartending or working as a cashier.


Healthcare has always been essential in our lives, but Covid-19 really bumped it to the top of the list. With the ongoing pandemic, you should invest in good healthcare. The province of Ontario has the standard Ontario Healthcare Insurance Plan (OHIP). This service covers doctor visits, dental surgeries, optometry services, ambulance services, and more (some may have eligibility criteria).

In addition, Ontario’s government made a very important announcement recently, stating “the province will cover the cost of COVID-19 services for uninsured people who do not meet the criteria for OHIP coverage.”

Quality of Life

Ontario is mostly known for cleanliness, safety, and plenty of public services. You will also find bustling nightlife, outdoor activities, and family-friendly neighborhoods.

Ontario has also completed a phase-out of coal-fired electricity – closing down 3 coal-fired stations and merging 2 others into biomass – all to help the environment. This is only one of many ambitious plans executed by Ontario to improve the lives of its residents.

Ontario PNP Program

As mentioned, one of the most prominent ways people use to enter Canada is through the Provincial Nominee Program. This program allows selected candidates to apply for permanent residency in Canada. Typically, they must live and work for at least 1 year in the province that selected them.

All of Canada’s provinces and territories participate in the Provincial Nominee Program (with the exception of Quebec, which has its own program). So, what is the Ontario PNP program? And how does it work?


The Ontario PNP, also known as the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP), aims to increase the number of foreign nationals in Ontario through a point system. Whether you’re an international student, a foreign worker, or an entrepreneur, you have the chance to be invited by Ontario to become a permanent resident.

The Provincial Nominee Program isn’t the only way to gain PR status in Canada. There are several immigration programs and PNP programs that you may qualify for. You can check where your skills are in demand with an immigration professional.

Application Process

Start your journey to Ontario by checking your eligibility and the application process. Because it may take time and effort to apply, make sure that you complete the process without unnecessary mistakes.

Step 1: Are you qualified?

Currently, the province of Ontario nominates applicants based on 1 of 3 categories. If you fall under either category and fulfill the rest of the requirements, you may proceed to the next step.

Employer Job Offer

  • Foreign Worker Stream for skilled workers for various industries and sectors

  • International Student Stream for recent graduates in the territory

  • In-Demand Skills Stream for immediate skilled workers in specific sectors

Human capital

  • International graduates of a Master’s Degree, or PhD Degree from an eligible university in Ontario

  • Ontario’s Express Entry for skilled workers who can speak French, prioritized skilled workers, and skilled workers from eligible trades

Business Category

  • Entrepreneur Stream for people who bring and grow new business in Ontario

Note that each stream from the respective categories includes different qualifications. Keep in mind that varying costs and requirements may apply.

Step 2: Create your profile

You may remember that candidates are selected via a point system. Ontario PNP point system calculates your rank as a potential candidate based on your profile.

This is a profile you create to detail your personal information, educational background, work experience, occupation type, and some additional information. You will need to submit your profile with an EOI (Expression of Interest).

The score you receive on your profile may determine your eligibility to join Ontario PNP and receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency.

Step 3: Apply for nomination

If selected, you will automatically receive 600 points on your profile – securing your spot in the Ontario PNP program. This is the official nomination, after which you will receive an Invitation to Apply.

Step 4: Apply for Permanent Residency 

Please note that different streams and categories have different deadlines, schedules, and costs to apply for permanent residency. The final decision will come from the Canadian Government.

Start a new chapter in Canada!

There is more than one way to reside in Ontario, and the Ontario PNP is one of the most popular ways to do so. In the middle of the current global pandemic, things may feel slower. But hold on! There are people and services available to help with your application.

At Great North Visa, our services include personalized and legal consultations, visa evaluations to determine your options, immigration strategies, and more:

Visa Eligibility Evaluation

Document Preparation

Profile Enhancement

Immigration Strategy

Legal Consultation

We handle a wide range of visa applications and immigration programs, such as the Provincial Nominee Programs, Express Entry, Working Holiday Visas, and more.

Contact us to start your journey to Ontario!