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How to Choose Your RCIC?

No matter what language you use, an ordinary person can find Canadian immigration systems and standards to be a foreign language. Despite having enough preparations, the procedure would always be complicated, time-sensitive, and challenging, a perfect recipe for expensive pitfalls.

Submitting incorrect paperwork, skipping a schedule, or failing to supply details is frequently enough to cause the visa to be delayed or even denied.

Moreover, relocating to a foreign country is an extensive, life-changing choice with significant consequences. You couldn’t simply afford for anything to turn wrong because your future and family’s well-being is all dependent on the progress of your PR or visa application.

Hence, it’s only optimal to hire professional experts to make the process simplified for you.

What is an RCIC?

The name says it all. Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) is an approved and accredited expert who has qualified and has undergone training to serve and direct you through the application process for permanent residency (PR) in Canada.

You hired them to assess and apply your citizenship/visa application on your behalf. Furthermore, an RCIC offers you a helpful approach for your visa choices. A registered immigration consultant is also an authorized member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).

RCICs are immigration professionals. They guide applicants through all the complex immigration systems. Primarily, your hired RCIC is your top adviser and special assistant in the visa application process.

Understandably, immigration is a complicated process, and you need to be confident that you’ll be in good hands when you entrust others with your future. You might discover what it takes to be an RCIC. Not just anyone can do it. In becoming an RCIC, a person must first fulfill certain specific RCIC criteria and then obey certain laws.

It’s indeed critical to understand that the Canada immigration consultant aren’t generally immigration lawyers but rather fully skilled consultants with in-depth knowledge of Canada’s immigration systems.

You will get help from an RCIC mostly in several ways:

  1. Meeting and communicating directly with the immigration officials and your employer in Canada on your behalf

  2. Finalizing and filing all documents for you in a timely and accurate manner

  3. Using a tailored immigration approach to strengthen your submission

  4. Trying to enlighten you on immigration strategies and processes that you’ve not been aware of

  5. Regularly checking with the most recent immigration guidelines and RCIC standards

  6. Working under a consistent, prescribed code of conduct to provide the knowledge you can depend on

Why should you use an RCIC?

Here are five main reasons why having a qualified Canadian immigration consultant is a safe investment in getting your visa.

1. RCICs are fluent with the Canadian visa programs

It’s manageable to prepare a Canadian visa application under your capacity, however with the complicated terms, limited timelines, and application costs, it is far from simple.

The truth would be that no individual study and assessment can turn you into an immigration specialist on time. An immigration expert is fluent in the language of immigration and has been ready to represent you through the complicated paths of the Canadian immigration system.

2. Trained consultants can create a tailored strategy for optimal performance

A Canadian immigration expert will customize your visa application with your skills and objectives and will devise a strategy to create the perfect chance of gaining access to Canada. You may rely upon them to know which visa choices are right for you, and they can also suggest solutions you hadn’t anticipated.

RCICs will guide you and advise you on your best decisions for obtaining a visa. They would lead you so you can fully comprehend your goals and timetable targets. They will then devise a strategy to assist you in achieving your objectives.

3. On your behalf, RCICs approach Canadian Immigration Officials and your employer

Reaching in contact with government agencies to explain a visa issue isn’t that simple. An RCIC will answer your questions and verify your application if it follows the guidelines without you having to get actively engaged, sparing you the trouble of frustrating telephone conversations and stressful response times. Instead, they will present you with responses from the regulators.

Luckily, working with an RCIC, meanwhile, eliminates any need for you to conduct numerous phone conversations to get access in Canada. They guarantee that every application satisfies the criteria of the Canadian Immigration Officials, thus improving your chances of success.

4. Immigration consultants do all of the paperwork on your behalf

Are you nervous about filing all of your records and finishing your paperwork submission properly? Immigration usually requires several hours of processing, preparation, application approvals, and documentation. Everything should be accurately gathered, prepared, and delivered under strict due dates.

Once you consult with an RCIC, you won’t have to deal with daunting forms and file submissions. The government of Canada permits RCICs to finish your papers for you, saving you the hours of stress that you would experience if you did so yourself.

5. Expect professionals who are authorized, trained, and governed

Not anyone may become an RCIC. People in this field should remain informed on immigration laws, which are continually adjusting and improving.

Workers who have obtained the RCIC certification have been through a comprehensive review to join the field. Agents must also be constantly updated with rules, as continuing professional advancement remains expected to renew their license annually.

Serving as a Canadian Immigration professional entails keeping credibility with Canadian Immigration officials and following a specific code of ethics to defend the needs of applicants like you.

Top requirements to become a duly RCIC in this field mean you can work with a licensed immigration specialist who is knowledgeable, reliable, putting your security and safety first.

How to choose your RCIC?

All following guidelines will assist you in selecting the best RCIC.

1. The government of Canada authorizes the operations of the consulting agency

You should ensure that your immigration specialist is licensed. A Canadian immigration specialist must have been accredited well with ICCRC.

ICCRC representatives have a certification of permission, including a photo ID card that displays their identity and license number. Every ICCRC license begins with the letter “R” and then preceded with six digits.

2. Your consultant must be mindful of any changes or improvements to the immigration process

Analyzing and learning the laws and regulations is critical because modifications occur all of the time. Any minor adjustment can be the chance to pursue (pass or fail) with the client’s submission.

3. Your consultant should be familiar with the Canadian employment market

Your job experience is the most significant consideration in Canadian immigration situations. A competent consultant will evaluate your past and current work details to Canadian job requirements.

The critical component of the application process is properly defining the Canadian workplace codes and demonstrating how your employment history corresponds to the main functions in the Canadian framework.

4. Your consultant should offer a variety of solutions

If you want to live in Canada permanently, your consultant must help you choose the professional worker program that best suits your profile. It should succeed in you being issued Canadian permanent residency in the quickest way possible.

Once you don’t qualify for the permanent residency visa or don’t have a decent chance for acceptance, a qualified consultant should provide analysis. This solution could be an employment prospect that would help you reach Canada temporarily.

After that, the consultant must clarify how all these temporary approvals contribute to permanent status and establish your customized guide.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best RCIC solely depends on your capability to evaluate which is which. Essentially, using the tips and suggestions above can personally guide you to select the right consulting agency for you.

If you’re still having second thoughts, Great North Visa could be the best consultancy agency for you. Their team of Canada Immigration Consultants is known for fast and attentive supporting services for prospected immigrants, whether for PR or other visa applications.

The team of Great North Visa is comprised of highly skilled individuals that will work with you 24/7 so that you can set foot in Canada in the easiest possible way.

Jessica Thompson

Jessica Thompson is a professional content writer for Great North Visa. Jessica immigrated to Canada in 2012 from the UK with her husband Jack Thompson, and their two children. As someone who experienced first-hand what the Canadian immigration process is like, combined with extensive research, Jessica can share her knowledge about Canada immigration with her readers around the world. We hope that you find Jessica’s blog valuable to your journey to the Great White Noth.

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Jessica Thompson

Jessica Thompson is a professional content writer for Great North Visa. Jessica immigrated to Canada in 2012 from the UK with her husband Jack Thompson, and their two children. As someone who experienced first-hand what the Canadian immigration process is like, combined with extensive research, Jessica can share her knowledge about Canada immigration with her readers around the world. We hope that you find Jessica’s blog valuable to your journey to the Great White Noth.