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Confirmed - Canada is the Best Place in the World

Confirmed – Canada is the Best Place in the World

Between us, we knew it all along. But now it’s confirmed – Canada is the best place in the world! 

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) Livability Ranking in 2019, Canada was chosen as one of the top 3 countries in the world to live in based on the quality of life there. Canada seems to excel in many aspects of life where many other countries fail. For example: having financial stability for decades, keeping a safe environment for its citizens, running strong public education and healthcare systems, maintaining a solid job market and more.
In fact, let’s take a deeper look into what makes Canada one of the best places in the world:

The Economy.
Canada presents unlimited career opportunities to its citizens and its new immigrants as one of the richest and fastest growing economies out there. In fact, the average annual income for the ‘regular’ citizen stands on $40,000.

The Public Health-Care System.
Canada holds its public health-care to the highest standards as it considers it to be a fundamental right. Which is why public health-care is also free. The efficiency of this system and the quality medical services people receive ensure that the Canadian population stays one of the healthiest in the world.

The Public Education System.
Canada invests more resources and money into the education system more than any other nation. Primary, secondary and post-secondary education are free. Canadian universities hold an excellent global reputation and 51% of the population are college graduates (according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Report on Global Education).

The Diverse Culture.
Canada was initally founded on immigrants, so the country has continuously encouraged immigration into the country over the years through various visa programs. Canada basically made immigration a national policy. For example, Canada recognizes dual citizenships and supports media in several languages: Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Arabic and more.

Wildlife and Natural Reserves.
Canada has many famous natural landmarks such as Niagara Falls, Lake Superior, Banff National Park and more. As far as wildlife, you may find polar bears, moose, whales, 462 (!) species of birds and more. But most impressive are the wildlife and environmental protection policies which ensure a continuously healthy cycle of life, clean air and fresh water all year round.

We can sit around and talk for hours about why Canada is the best place in the world to live in, but wouldn’t it be better to go see it for yourself?

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