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The Express Entry immigration system was launched by the Government of Canada in 2015. In general, the candidates receiving invitations to apply (ITA) for Canadian permanent residency are only those who have the highest Comprehensive Ranking System scores based on their profile in the Express Entry pool.

If you have an active Express Entry profile and are still waiting to receive an invitation in each upcoming draw than we recommend on improving your CRS score.

Let us assume that you have taken your free assessment, created an Express Entry profile, and received your awarded CRS score. Will you wait for the scores to drop, hoping to eventually receive an invitation to apply?

This is generally what most candidates do. They score an  average CRS score without realizing that it is not enough for qualifying to receive an invitation.

How does the Comprehensive Ranking System work?

Without any improvement and effort, you may be missing a great opportunity to increase your rankings among the candidates under the Comprehensive Ranking System. Since the CRS is a dynamic system, there are always options for you to improve your Express Entry score. The good news is that your score is not “locked-in” as long as there are ways to increase it.

Some changes or improvements may not enhance your CRS score drastically. However, even a tiny increase could make all the difference on your journey through the program.

Also, there are other possibilities available such as the Provincial Nomination which, in turn, can add up an additional 600 CRS points towards your Express Entry profile. These additional points could ensure that you will receive an invitation in a subsequent draw from the pool.

Have you claimed all the points?

It is possible that you haven’t claimed all of the potential points. One of the first questions to ask is whether you have direct family or your spouse is currently in Canada as a citizen or permanent resident.

The relation between you can be through blood, adoption, as well as marriage or common-law partnership. If you have any of the mentioned relations in Canada than this is enough to increase your CRS score by 15 points.

Additional 50 points are given for your Canadian education: If you have studied in Canada you can claim an additional 50 points.  The education factor is worth 150 points in its own right alone, and can be increased up to 200 points by adding 50 more points in combination with gained Canadian work experience and language proficiency.

You also need to demonstrate or list all eligible education programs and degrees that you have completed. For example, even if you did a one-year diploma program 4 years ago which had nothing to do with your current occupation, you should still claim this factor on your Express Entry profile and get an Educational Credential Assessment for that particular education.

It is important to note that, regardless of whether your credential has relevancy with your current occupation or not, the Express Entry system still awards points for that education.

Do you speak the second language?

Under the CRS system, you can get points not only for your proficiency in English but also for your French skills. If you think you are capable of communicating in both languages then please make sure that you sit for an approved language test. This will ensure that you claim all the points that are available in language factor.

In addition, for the candidates who are bilingual, there are bonus points available in certain PNP streams which are only available for French speakers.

Try to gain more working experience in your field

If you are currently working outside Canada and have less than 2 years of official work experience, then you should consider to keep working in your field. The more work experience itself might not award you additional points under the human capital factors, but you will get rewarded in the transferable skills combinations.

If you are a candidate and currently working in Canada on a work permit, than keep working. The Canadian Work Experience will earn you more points towards your Express Entry profile.

Apply through available Provincial Nominee Programs

If you succeed you will get an additional 600 points towards your CRS score which will effectively guarantee you of receiving an ITA. Once you are nominated by a province, you will be automatically welcomed into your chosen destination province.

Day after day, IRCC increasingly expanding allocations for the provinces for PNP’s. This, in turn, allows Canadian Provinces to look for the candidates in the Express Entry pool who can meet the labor market demands of the province.

The result is that candidates chosen by the province can submit an application for Canadian Permanent residence and can successfully move to Canada under one of the provincial programs.

Get another educational program completed

This is more of a long-term strategy. The better your education, the better are your chances of  improving your CRS score. Gaining new skills or completing educational programs not only gives you the opportunity to increase your CRS score but also, it is an important and valuable component of the skill transfer-ability factors section of the Comprehensive Ranking System.

In general, skill transfer-ability factors can provide you a maximum of 100 points towards your Express Entry profile. You are required to gain a minimum of two or more post-secondary credentials to gain the maximum points. Additionally, one of them must have been gained for a program of three years or longer the one.

If you already have a bachelor’s degree then you are eligible for completing another one year’s program which will make you qualified to earn more or higher points under skill transfer-ability factors.

Apply for a job in Canada or get an offer

It is important to note that the job offer must meet certain strict set of conditions and be approved. Having a job offer will bring you 50 CRS
points. However, having an offer is still considered an important factor for immigrating to Canada.

Your spouse can contribute your CRS score to increase your chances

If you are planning to move to Canada together with your spouse or common-law partner, then you should know that depending on some certain factors, your spouse can earn 30 points for language proficiency, education and Canadian work experience, which are worth up to 10 points each.

This means that your spouse can provide a maximum of 40 points based on their information.

Why not contact one of our experienced consultants who can assist you in understanding your current situation and provide you ways to enhance your profile?

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