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How can you choose the right visa

Canada was ranked as the second-best place to start a business in the world in 2020 according to the World Bank’s Doing Business project. It takes only one procedure and an average of five days to register a firm. They are currently ranked 23 for ease of doing business and 4th in the world in the ability to get credit.

If you are looking to build a new life in one of the safest, immigrant friendly countries in the world, then Canada is the place for you. Canada upholds the core values of equality, diversity and respect for the individual. The country is built on immigration and Canada has a peaceful multicultural society. The country has a stable democratic government and a robust economy that provides a wealth of opportunities at every level. Not all immigration programs are created equally, and it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you.

While there are many options to immigrate to Canada, it is important to remember that all programs result a Canadian permanent residence. You might be wondering: what is so great about being a Canadian permanent resident?

Well as a Canadian permanent resident you are free to live and work anywhere in Canada. You can work in any occupation you choose, for as long as you wish. You can also sponsor a new husband or wife and even your parents and grandparents!

Below are some examples and profiles of potential immigrants to Canada and how they achieved their Canadian Immigration dreams. 

Express Entry

Express Entry is the most popular and talked about Canadian Immigration program out there.

For Example, Julian has an aunt and brother who live in Canada. Julian’s aunt informs him that that having a relative in Canada can help him apply but Julian has never even visited Canada before. He thought about doing his bachelor’s degree in Toronto, where his aunt and brother live but, in the end, he decided to stayed in his home country to complete his education. After having worked for several years, Julian gives Canada a second look. 

What Canadian Immigration program would take advantage of Julian’s relatives in Canada and also award him Canadian permanent residence?

From what we know about Julian and his background, he sounds like the Express Entry program is the right program for him. Having a relative in Canada (other than a spouse) does not make you eligible for Express Entry, but, having a close relative in Canada will boost the points on the Express Entry application, increasing the chances of being invited to apply for Canadian permanent residence.

Skilled worker Visa under the (Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program)

Tracy is a 32-year-old who came to Canada to complete her Master’s degree. Since most international students who attend formal schooling in Canada are entitled to an open, post-graduate work permit, (equal to the length of their program of study to a maximum of 3 years) Tracy secured a good job and has been working full-time for a Canadian company for the past 14 months.

Based on Tracy’s experience in Canada, she would be an excellent candidate for the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program. This is an immigration program that allows individuals who have worked in Canada for at least one year to immigrate permanently. The government of Canada recognizes the deep pool of talented workers already working in Canada and wants them to become permanent residents. The intake of applicants for Canadian Experience Class is controlled by an Express Entry Visa. If you want to apply to Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program, you must submit an Express Entry application BEFORE they can be invited to apply for Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program.

Skilled Worker Visa under the Federal Skilled Worker

Ben is a 28-year-old, who lives outside Canada. Ben completed his computer science degree in his degree in his home country. Ben currently has over 4 years work experience in his field and he decided that he wants to immigrate to Canada. Ben undertook a visit to Canada to assess the job market. While in Canada he met a hiring manager for a company who was interested in his skills and gave Ben a permanent job offer. 

Based on Bens education, work experience, age, language ability and arranged employment, he can apply under the Federal Skilled Worker program.

Quebec Experience Class

Marie, originally from a French speaking country, was transferred by her company to their Montreal, Quebec offices. Marie fell in love with the Quebec way of life and decided she wanted to stay here permanently. After having worked on a restricted work permit for 12 months, Marie decided to apply for Canadian Immigration. Completely fluent in French, what is Marie’s best option to stay here permanently?

Since Marie is working in Montreal, Quebec and is fluent in French, her best option would be to submit an application under the Quebec Experience Class. The Quebec Experience Class is an accelerated Canadian Immigration program run by Immigration Quebec. It is the Quebec equivalent of the Canadian Experience Class program.

Quebec Experience was created with foreign workers and students in mind, who have graduated in Quebec or are studying towards graduation. 

Marie has accumulated over 12 months of work in Quebec, has a valid work permit and is fluent in French. This is what makes her ideal applicant for this program.

It is important to note that the Quebec Experience Class is NOT the same as the Quebec Skilled Worker program. In the Quebec Skilled Worker program, an applicant does not require French language ability or experience in Quebec.

Spousal/Family Sponsorship

Gary has a long-time partner who is a Canadian citizen. They met when they were both studying in Australia and are planning their wedding soon. Gary wants to be with his partner in Canada, but he needs to work to support his finances and he is unable to obtain a Canadian work permit.

When you are in a common-law, conjugal or spousal relationship with a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, your best option is spousal sponsorship. Unlike a skilled worker application, all you need to demonstrate when applying for spousal sponsorship is that the relationship you have with your Canadian spouse is genuine.

There are two categories of spousal sponsorship applications: inland sponsorship and outland sponsorship.  Which category of sponsorship you can apply for depends on where in the world you reside. Find out more about the differences between the two sponsorship options and make the right choice for you and your spouse.

As you can see, there are many options to lead you to your desired destination – a life in Canada. Not all programs are created equal and not all programs are best for everyone. Our team oif immigration consultants provide both personal and legal consultation for our clients and have  helped thousands of prospective newcomers navigate through the Canadian Immigration process. Contact us today for more information about your Canadian Immigration options.

Canada was ranked as the second-best place to start a business in the world in 2020 according to the World Bank’s Doing Business project.