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Visa Assessment

It is a universal fact. Any person planning to immigrate to any country will require an
evaluation of his or hers personal profile, level of education and life record.

The applicant will need to undergo a stringent procedure of evaluation before he or she can apply for a visa.

This applies to all citizens, irrespective of whether they are highly-skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled skilled.

In the context of immigration, evaluation is an assessment of a candidate and his or hers traits. This is mainly to understand if the candidate is an economic asset to the inviting country and not a threat to it in any manner.

Our consultants are experts at understanding the immigration process.

We can assist you with your specific immigration requirements to find the best visa options for a successful immigration.

The official evaluation plays a key role in the immigration process. Governments of inviting countries like Canada and its related officials use evaluation as a means to verify aspects of a candidate.

These are as follows:

1. Is your profile in demand

The first step to understand whether you will be accepted as an immigrant is to check whether your skills or education are in demand in the respective country.

During the evaluation, our consultant gets an understanding of your occupation, job role and check whether it is in the demand list of Canada. If, neither your occupation nor your job role is listed, then you may not be allowed or accepted into the country.

2. Analyzing eligibility via the point systems

According to top immigration countries like Canada, points and skills are the major parameters to judge the eligibility of your application. Based on our evaluation process, our consultants can provide personalized tailor-made solutions to help you understand how you can overcome the loopholes and challenges of your eligibility. For example if you score low on the language section, our consultant can assist you with finding the best English or French language course to improve your language skills.

3. Checking criminal backgrounds:

Authorities will want to assess any criminal history of an applicant. This helps in understanding any threat that may be associated with the entry of the candidate.

4. Determining health conditions:

Health checks are required to understand the health conditions of a candidate and their related family members. This is to assess if the candidate is a medical threat or a medical burden to the inviting country.

5. Overall examination of intents:

For several countries, an in-person evaluation (or interview) is conducted to understand and assess the intent of the applicant. This is usually done at the last stage of the process.

Basically the authorities want to understand that you have the right intentions in your desire to move to Canada and you are not a threat to its society, economy or any group.

Our consultants are experts at understanding your specific immigration requirements. Based on our assessment we can provide you with the best visa options for a successful immigration. We also provide you with personal strategies to overcome any gaps or issues in your visa application process. Get in contact with us today.

In order to find out which visa is the most suitable for your needs and qualifications, we will need to evaluate your specific case.

For a single evaluation, the one-time fee is $990.

For a family evaluation, the one-time fee is $1,490.

*The evaluation fees may vary depending on various factors such as: the complexity of your case, the visa you applied for and your family size.

Our Mission
We aim to give each of our clients personal and professional service, helping them to fulfill their dream of a new life in Canada. We will do our work in the best way possible while giving our clients a realistic assessment of their prospect. Naturally our mission is to help people from all over the world to receive an Canasian visa.
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